Did we win last night?

Did we win last night?

As crowds chant the historic win of India at a game of cricket, on a Sunday night. Crowds are being cordoned off in Lahore as a suicide explosion rips apart the same Sunday’s rite .

As Mohali’s cricket stadium roars with chants of victory, Gulshan-e-Iqbal burns up in explosion and takes away lives of weekend-goers on an Easter evening.

I see colours of blue, orange and green flying around social media walls, but only red is what colours my memory at the attack’s recall.

Colour me white, colour me white. This moment is what hurts the most tonight. I cannot rejoice, I cannot cry. I am trying to understand this moment, as it makes my throat go dry.

Keep your insanity, give me a night of coherence. Those days of simple wins and laughters of innocence. How do I rejoice this moment, when I know funerals are being laid of bodies of children?

Give me a reason to stutter and I shall fight. This moment of victory is lost tonight.

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