Instagramming the past, unapologetic of the new

I realised something today, while posting a picture on Instagram; I love going back into the past and reminiscing about it. And I have hovered over other such accounts too. We all love preserving the memories don’t we? Posting albums on Facebook, checking into random places (minus the fancy ones, which I personally think is showing off), and of course tagging people in your pictures. We all do it. Somewhere, down the line, we have accepted the norm that these websites help us in reliving the past joyous moments, and instigate memories hidden well beneath our sub conscience at times. I am writing this to think about today, in a few months or years down the line, to understand as to why is the past so glorious in its sighting for humans.

Honestly, I have not given this much thought. Maybe in the future I will, as unapologetic as I am right now of it.

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