Relentlessly writing — Day 2/3

Relentlessly writing — Day 2/3

I should have written this yesterday. I thought I would write at night, when something or someone in the day would have inspired me. Seems the only element of inspiration yesterday was stress. So, let’s talk about that in the late post.

Stress in human beings has become a shadow these days. We carry it with us everywhere we go, and it follows us. But the thing that characterises stress more than anything is its ability to take over even the ordinary days of our lives. A day, whose first half was pretty lazy, will also be overshadowed by stress of what will come in the day ahead. As I’m writing this post, I am thinking of the multitude of things I have to do today and freaking out over it. In fact, I am writing this, because that would be one less work in the later half. Stop. That’s not why I like writing. I like it because I like it. If writing on medium becomes work to me, then God knows I’m stopping it right then and there.

Do we need this sort of schedule in our lives? Why can’t we keep things, one bit at a time and soak in that moment? Life will be a reel of events, but that shouldn’t take away the joy of being in a happy moment.

Let’s save a patronus of all us each day, shall we?

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