Success does not make you happy, happiness makes you happy

It has perhaps been the most revealing of thoughts this weekend for me, as I struggle to write down my first TED talk style speech for a class. One inspiring moment in your life that changed the way you think. I struggled, thought there are too many. And then refuted all, thinking these are not inspiring enough. In the end, as I’m still in the middle of a semi-baked speech, I came across this TEDx talk, that is perhaps the best I’ve seen so far. Conducted by American psychologist, Shawn Achor, it elucidates our thinking capacities to nurture our lives better. How success does not define our happiness, but the opposite way around. There has been one episode, or maybe several small ones now, which made me follow that sensitivity. I will now enlist them all, but list down Achor’s everyday to-do list for 21 days, to make our brains dopamine sensitive and become happier.

  1. Write down three gratitudes each day
  2. Exercise
  3. Make a journal
  4. Meditation
  5. Random acts of kindness

Watch this excellent talk below. If nothing else, it will give a great sleep tonight. As for me, I will go back to drill sense into my speech and see where I can lead on with it.

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